What Does Stable Mean In Science?

What is stable in science?

“ Stability denotes a condition in which some aspects of a system are unchanging, at least at the scale of observation. Stability means that a small disturbance will fade away—that is, the system will stay in, or return to, the stable condition. Stable matter is a system of atoms in dynamic equilibrium.

What do you mean by stable?

When something is stable, it’s fixed and steady. If you needed advice, you ‘ d probably go to your most stable friend, the one least likely to act crazy or be easily upset. Whether you ‘re talking about an object or a person, the adjective stable implies reliability and strength.

What is an example of stable?

The definition of stable is something steady that is not prone to change, someone who is level headed and who isn’t subject to wild swings of emotion. An example of stable is a product that has a steady and unchanging price. An example of stable is a person who has a good handle on her life and her emotions.

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What does technically stable mean?

If something is stable, it is not likely to change or come to an end suddenly. Chemical substances are described as stable when they tend to remain in the same chemical or atomic state. [ technical ] The less stable compounds were converted into a compound called Delta-A THC.

What makes something stable?

A structure is stable if its centre of gravity lies above its base. An object is unstable when its centre of gravity lies outside its base. In other words, an object is unstable if a line drawn between its centre of gravity and the centre of the Earth does not pass through its base.

What are the three types of stability?

There are three types of stability.

  • Stable equilibrium.
  • Unstable equilibrium.
  • Neutral equilibrium.

What are the two meanings of stable?

1a: firmly established: fixed, steadfast stable opinions. b: not changing or fluctuating: unvarying in stable condition. c: permanent, enduring stable civilizations.

Does stable mean normal?

Technically, stable means that a person’s pulse, temperature and blood pressure are unchanged and within a normal range. But it also implies a leveling off, which some people mistakenly interpret as an improved outlook.

What type of word is stable?

stable adjective (FIXED)

How do you stay stable in life?


  1. Make stability a top priority. Commit yourself to consistency.
  2. Establish a routine. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.
  3. Limit your alcohol.
  4. Live within your financial means.
  5. Don’t overreact.
  6. Find stable friends.
  7. Get help making decisions.
  8. End a bad relationship.

What does stable love mean?

And when that happens, it’s important to look for signs your relationship is still stable, in spite of it all. “A stable relationship is a relationship that is built upon loyalty, trust, safety and consistency,” licensed marriage and family therapist Christie Tcharkhoutian, a matchmaker at Three Day Rule, tells Bustle.

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What is the difference between stability and change?

Change. Stability implies personality traits present during infancy endure throughout the lifespan. In contrast, change theorists argue that personalities are modified by interactions with family, experiences at school, and acculturation. This capacity for change is called plasticity.

What does stable in ICU mean?

Serious but stable – a patient who is still likely to be in the intensive care unit or acute ward. Their vital signs are stable and within normal limits. • Seriously ill – The patient may be unstable and their vital signs not within normal limits. The patient is likely to be in the intensive care unit or acute ward.

What does zealous mean?

1: filled with or showing a strong and energetic desire to get something done or see something succeed The police were zealous in their pursuit of the criminals. 2: marked by passionate support for a person, cause, or ideal a zealous fan.

What does stable mean on a CT scan?

Cancer doctors use the term stable disease to describe a tumor that is neither growing nor shrinking. Specifically, it means that there was neither an increase in size of more than 20% nor a decrease in size of more than 30% since the initial baseline measurement.

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