Readers ask: Science Magazine Subscription Cost?

How much is a subscription to Science magazine?

Today, a one year personal subscription to Science costs $149 for a member and $75 for a student. A personal subscription for one year of Nature costs $199.

How much is a Scientific American subscription?

For $34.99 a year, your Print & Digital Subscription includes monthly delivery of print issues and is accessible on all of your devices via the web and Android and iOS apps.

How do I order a science magazine?

Order an Article or Issue

  1. For immediate access to the article of interest, please locate the article (Search Here), then click on the “full text” link. If you are not a member, please select the ” Purchase ” button under the “Pay per Article” heading.
  2. For a print issue of Science, please visit the Single Issue Online Store.

How do I subscribe to scientific journals?

Individual subscriptions are available for News from Science via our metered paywall. Please contact a AAAS MemberCentral Support associate by phone at: 202-326-6417 or toll free in the United States at 866-434-2227 or e-mail us at

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How often is science magazine published?

Science, also widely referred to as Science Magazine, is the peer-reviewed academic journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and one of the world’s top academic journals. It was first published in 1880, is currently circulated weekly and has a subscriber base of around 130,000.

How do I subscribe to Nature magazine?

If you wish to purchase a personal subscription online please go to our A to Z list of titles and select the journal you are interested in. This will take you to the journal home page and from here you can click on the Subscribe icon to go to our eCommerce site.

Is Scientific American Reliable?

Its articles, solidly based on scholarly research, well written, and carefully edited, are accompanied by definitions of scientific terms and by illustrations.

What kind of magazine is New Scientist?

New Scientist, first published on 22 November 1956, is a magazine that covers all aspects of science and technology. Based in London, it publishes weekly English-language editions in the UK, the United States, and Australia. An editorially separate organisation publishes a monthly Dutch-language edition.

Is Scientific American Free? includes both free and fee-based services. This document outlines Terms of Use for both free and fee-based services that you have purchased or may purchase in the future. The subscription plans offered on are offered to individual customers for their personal use only.

Who owns Popular Science?

In October 2020, the company announced that it will be selling seven of its most famous American titles to a venture equity group. Some of the sold titles include Saveur, Popular Science and Field & Stream. Bonnier Corporation.

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Parent company Bonnier AB
Publication types Magazines
Official website

How often does popular science come out?

Popular Science

Magazine Cover (January, 1923)
Frequency Quarterly
Publisher Bonnier Corporation
Total circulation (June 2014) 1,321,075
Year founded May 1872 (as The Popular Science Monthly)

How do I cancel my subscription to Scientific American?

All Scientific American and Mind subscriptions sold on our website will automatically renew once a year until you tell us to stop. You can call us or email us at any time to stop renewals or cancel a subscription.

How much does an Elsevier subscription cost?

Elsevier’s APC prices are set on a per journal basis, fees range between c$150 and c$9900 US Dollars, excluding tax, with prices clearly displayed on our APC price list and on journal homepages. Adjustments in Elsevier’s APC prices are under regular review and are subject to change.

How much is a jstor subscription?

Choose Your JSTOR Access. 2,000+ academic journals to help back up your work. Plans start at $19.50.

How much does science direct cost?

ScienceDirect full-text journals For the Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2018 licensing opportunity, the cost will be $1,650 per individual researcher license. A minimum of three researcher licenses per company, for an annual cost of $4,950, is required by Elsevier.

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