Quick Answer: Where To Study Computer Science?

Which country is best for studying computer science?

Best countries to study computer science

  • USA.
  • UK.
  • Canada.
  • Ireland.
  • Australia.
  • Germany.
  • Cyprus.
  • Finland.

Where can I study computer science in South Africa?

The University of KwaZulu-Natal is the best university in South Africa to study computer science. The study programmes will equip students with the fundamental knowledge of Computer Science. 1. University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)

  • Bachelor’s Program.
  • Master’s Program.
  • PhD.

Where can I study computer science in Kenya?

Universities and Colleges in Kenya OfferingBachelor Of Science ( Computer Science )

  • Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Juja (Main) Campus.
  • Kenyatta University Main Campus.
  • Kenyatta University Mombasa Campus.
  • Karatina University Main Campus – Kagochi.
  • Karatina University Nanyuki Campus.

Where can I study computer science in UK?

Where can I study Computer Science in the UK?

  • University of St Andrews.
  • University of Cambridge.
  • University of Oxford.
  • Imperial College London.
  • University of Manchester.
  • Lancaster University.
  • University of Bath.
  • University of Bristol.
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Is Computer Science hard?

Learning the discipline of Computer Science is a hard and difficult endeavor for most students. However, if you are willing to invest the time and learn serious time management skills, most students can successfully learn the discipline and pursue successful careers in Computer Science fields.

Which country is best for CS jobs?

Top 10 countries for Software engineers / Developers/ Data Scientists to work

  • Switzerland.
  • Canada.
  • Australia.
  • Netherlands.
  • Germany.
  • USA.
  • Sweden.
  • Denmark.

Which course is best in computer science?

Top Computer Programming Courses to get a High Paying Job

  • Executive Program in Blockchain Technology Management.
  • PG Certificate Program in Big Data & Analytics.
  • PG Program in Big Data Engineering.
  • Master of Science in Data Science.
  • PG Diploma in Machine Learning and AI.
  • Advanced Certification in Machine Learning and Cloud.

What subjects do I need to study computer science?

A-level subjects for computer science

  • computing.
  • further maths.
  • physics.
  • philosophy.
  • ICT.

How much does it cost to study computer science?

Average Cost of College Tuition and Fees in California, 2017-2018

Average Out-of-State Tuition and Fees (Public Four-Year) $29,173
Average Tuition and Fees (Private Four-Year) $33,483
Average In-State Tuition and Fees (Public Two-Year) $1,268
Average Out-of-State Tuition and Fees (Public Two-Year) $7,504

Which is the hardest course in Kenya?

Top 15 hardest courses in Kenya

  1. Actuarial Science. Actuarial Science is a course that encompasses many subjects.
  2. Architecture. Image: unsplash.com.
  3. Chemistry. Chemistry is one of the hardest courses in the world.
  4. Computer Science.
  5. Engineering.
  6. Finance.
  7. Financial Engineering.
  8. Law.

What grades do you need for computer science?

Entry requirements range from CDD to AAA, with the universities and colleges most commonly asking for BBC. In addition to the different A level requirements above, you will also need at least five GCSEs (A-C) including science, English, and maths. Some universities require a maths GCSE for computer science degrees.

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Which computer course is in demand?

Currently Artificial Intelligence Course is very much in demand. Which computer field is best for future? Many computer courses like Web Designing Course, Cyber security courses, Diploma in IT, Artificial Intelligence Course are best for a successful and bright future.

Do you need to be good at math for computer science?

Computer science is a unique field. For the more difficult computer science professions, you must have an understanding of discrete mathematics, calculus, and more. And because math is a subject that slowly builds on itself, you ‘ll have to take several math courses before getting into the more advanced classes.

How hard is a PhD in computer science?

Doing a PhD can be a very lonely path, you will end up with a thorough knowledge of a very focused area, and a grasp of how to undertake academic research. It will not prepare you for jobs in computing and IT. You might even be considered over-qualified for some jobs.

Is there Math in computer science?

General skills aside, computer science still involves a lot of math. In addition to general skills important for computer science, the facts and figures of math are essential. As computer programming interacts more with our world, the importance of accurately modeling that world through mathematics grows.

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