Quick Answer: What Does Offspring Mean In Science?

What does offspring mean?

1a: the product of the reproductive processes of an animal or plant: young, progeny The disease can be transmitted from parent to offspring.

What is an example of a offspring?

Offspring is defined as a human child or animal child, or the children of a family for many years. An example of an offspring is the cub of two lions at the zoo. An example of offspring is how a father refers to all his descendants.

What’s another word for offspring?

What is another word for offspring?

issue children
family progeny
seed kids
spawn young
brood descendants

What is a offspring for animals?

Offspring is the young of a plant or animal. In the example, the mother eagle is taking care of her babies until they leave the nest. Plants and animals reproduce and their babies are called offspring.

Why is it called offspring?

offspring (n.) Old English ofspring “children or young collectively, descendants,” literally “those who spring off (someone),” from of “away, away from” (see off (prep.)) Similar formation in Old Norse afspringr. The figurative sense “that which is produced by something” is recorded from c. 1600.

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What is a female offspring called?

types: daughter, girl. a female human offspring. mother’s daughter. a daughter who is favored by and similar to her mother. type of: female, female person.

What is the difference between offspring and descendant?

When used as nouns, descendant means one who is the progeny of a specified person, at any distance of time or through any number of generations, whereas offspring means a person’s daughter(s) and/or son(s).

How do you use offspring in a sentence?

Offspring sentence example

  1. The offspring of some stray, I guess.
  2. The bear dropped down on all fours and growled at her offspring, who dashed back into the trees.
  3. Western commissions, the offspring of the Granger movement, were of a more vigorous type.

What does offspring mean in the Bible?

the immediate descendant or descendants of a person, animal, etc; progeny. a product, outcome, or result.

What is another word for children?

What is another word for children?

youngsters babies
bairns kids
minors toddlers
newborns youth
adolescents babes

What is the opposite of an offspring?

offspring (noun) Antonyms: mother, progenitor, parent, father, genitor. Synonyms: issue, get, child, baby.

What is another term for inherited behaviors?

“From that moment, Lucretia would be viewed by many as a criminal, for the common psychological thinking of the time held that criminality was an inherited trait.” What is another word for inherited?

genetic inborn
hereditary inheritable
genetical heritable
innate inbred
congenital natural

Why are offspring different from their parents?

Genes determine the development and structure of organisms. In asexual reproduction all the genes in the offspring come from one parent. Living things produce offspring of the same species, but in many cases offspring are not identical with each other or with their parents.

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How are offspring similar to their parents?

Children often look like some combination of their parents. This is because each parent gives the child some of themselves {gene}. A child is made from the information found in the cells of the parents. These characteristics are called genes.

What is the name for the offspring of a dog?

A whelp is a newborn puppy and giving birth to dogs is called whelping.

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