Question: What Does Epicenter Mean In Science?

What does epicenter mean?

The epicenter, epicentre (/ˈɛpɪsɛntər/) or epicentrum in seismology is the point on the Earth’s surface directly above a hypocenter or focus, the point where an earthquake or an underground explosion originates.

What is another word for epicenter?

What is another word for epicenter?

core heart
focal point middle
headquarters kernel
nub foundation
pivot place

What is focus epicenter?

The hypocenter is the point within the earth where an earthquake rupture starts. The epicenter is the point directly above it at the surface of the Earth. Also commonly termed the focus. See also epicenter.

What do you mean by Epic Centre?

The epicentre of an earthquake is the place on the Earth’s surface directly above the point where it starts, and is the place where it is felt most strongly. The epicentre of something bad is the place where it is most common or intense.

What is an example of Epicenter?

Epicenter is defined as the central point of something, or the point of the Earth’s surface right above the focus of an earthquake. The central point of an earthquake is an example of an epicenter. A troubled child who is the central point of his parents concern is an example of an epicenter of concern.

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Why is the epicenter important?

Answer. The main importance in determining the epicentre is so that the fault that ruptured causing the earthquake can be identified. If the fault is previously unknown (such as the 2010 Canterbury earthquake), then it is important because it means that the hazard models for the area need improvement.

What is the opposite word of Epicenter?

What is the opposite of epicenter?

subsidiary arm
derivative division
part section
subsection affiliate
dependency offshoot

What is the difference between center and epicenter?

In seismology, the epicenter is the place on the surface of the earth above the origin of an earthquake, whereas the hypocenter is the actual starting point within the earth. In seismology, the epicenter refers to the part of the earth’s surface directly above the focus of an earthquake.

What is another word for suburb?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for suburb, like: neighborhood, area, metropolis, residential district, small-town, banlieue (French), skirt, slum, village, edge and enclave.

What is the similarities of epicenter and focus?

What is the difference between the focus and epicenter of an earthquake? The focus is the point within the earth where seismic waves originate; it is centered on the part of the fault that has the greatest movement. The epicenter is on the earth’s surface directly above the focus.

How will you describe an epicenter and a focus?

Epicenter is the location on the surface of the Earth directly above where the earthquake starts. Focus (aka Hypocenter) is the location in the Earth where the earthquake starts.

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How are the earthquake’s epicenter distributed?

Volcanoes and earthquakes are not randomly distributed around the globe. Instead they tend to occur along limited zones or belts. With the understanding of plate tectonics, scientists recognized that these belts occur along plate boundaries.

What Seismology means?

Seismology, scientific discipline that is concerned with the study of earthquakes and of the propagation of seismic waves within the Earth. A branch of geophysics, it has provided much information about the composition and state of the planet’s interior.

What is a seismometer definition?

A seismometer is the internal part of the seismograph, which may be a pendulum or a mass mounted on a spring; however, it is often used synonymously with ” seismograph “. Seismographs are instruments used to record the motion of the ground during an earthquake.

How do you use epicenter in a sentence?

Epicenter sentence example This old fishing town is the epicenter of Maui’s long history. The main quake occurred along the San Andreas fault and was felt as far as Los Angeles and Oregon, but the epicenter occurred most closely to the city by the bay. epicenter of the modern dance world.

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