Often asked: What Happened To Aperture Science?

Is Aperture Science in Half-Life?

Aperture Science, Inc. is a United States-based scientific research corporation appearing as the main antagonistic organization in Portal and Portal 2, as well as its logo on the Borealis in Half – Life 2: Episode Two.

How did Chell end up in Aperture?

How did Chell end up in an Aperture hotel room after the destruction of GlaDoS? At the end of Portal 1, Chell destroys GLaDoS by means of incineration, and afterwords, a cinematic plays showing the outside of the Aperture complex. I take this to mean that Chell has been ejected from the Aperture Science labs.

Why is it called Aperture Science?

In 1943, Aperture Science was founded by Cave Johnson, as a shower curtain manufacturer called ‘ Aperture Fixtures’. The name was later changed to ” Aperture Science ” around 1947, seemingly random, the name was chosen “to make the curtains appear more hygienic”.

How far down is Aperture Science?

Size and layout The salt mine is composed of nine vertical shafts, each at least 4000 meters deep and hundreds of meters in length.

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Did Chell really escape?

To GLaDOS’ surprise, Chell does not panic or give up in despair. Instead, she narrowly escapes certain death through clever use of the ASHPD and begins traveling through abandoned maintenance areas despite continued verbal discouragement from GLaDOS.

Can GLaDOS defeat combine?

Maybe in the next Half-Life game, GLaDOS is one of the game’s bosses and if Gordon Freeman destroys it, the Combine loses the control of the Overwatch and they can join the Resistance to defeat the Combine (Synths don’t seem to be under control of the Overwatch Voice so they can’t join the Resistance, they still have

Is Caroline Chell’s mother?

Portal Theory: Caroline /GLaDOS and Cave Johnson are Chell’s parents. This means that Chell made that experiment (there aren’t a whole lot of other girls named Chell ) and is the daughter of an Aperture employee. Specifically the daughter of Cave Johnson and Caroline.

Who drags Chell back into Aperture?

Overview. GLaDOS’ remains on the Aperture Laboratories parking lot shortly before Chell is dragged away by the Party Escort Bot. The party associate is first mentioned by GLaDOS after Chell escapes certain death at the end of Test Chamber 19.

Does Chell have brain damage?

No, she’s mute. She can’t reply to Wheatley, so he just assumes she has brain damage. GLaDOS just calls Chell fat to annoy and mock her, trying to get some sort of revenge for Chell killing her.

Is GLaDOS a girl?

GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, DOS being a homage to Microsoft’s MS-DOS) is a fictional artificially superintelligent computer system from the video game series Portal.

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Species A.I. (originally human, revealed in Portal 2)
Gender Female

Will there be a Portal 3?

Portal 3 Has Never Been Confirmed In some ways, this was a satisfying conclusion to the saga, though the universe of Portal and Half-Life is so rich it wouldn’t take much to conceive of a new story. Sadly, it seems Valve still have little interest in returning for a new game.

How long was Chell asleep?

The amount of time Chell was in suspension for was AT LEAST (possibly even more) was 273 years, 1 month and 20 days. And this is only part of the overall number.

Why did GLaDOS kill everyone in Aperture?

Glados kills because she doesn’t care, has no morals, and loves science. If people get killed in the name of science, so be it. If anything she probably killed the original science team because they weren’t sciencing hard enough. They tried to limit her.

Is Caroline a GLaDOS?

It becomes clear that Caroline’s mind was inserted into the AI that became GLaDOS, a fact GLaDOS silently recalls on her own as she listens to the recordings. The line “Now little Caroline is in here too” from the closing song “Want You Gone” suggests Caroline is still somewhere in GLaDOS ‘ memory.

What did Black Mesa steal from Aperture Science?

EDIT: Aperture’s actually the one who canonically stole things, including the Gravity Gun, wall-based medkit things, and HEV Suit chargers from Black Mesa, as seen in “Lab Rat.”

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