How Many Computer Science Majors Are There?

How many CS majors are there?

The roughly 65,000 CS graduates from the United States are outnumbered, but are much more skilled, on average, than the graduates from China (around 185,000), India (around 215,000) and Russia (around 17,000).

What majors are in computer science?

The computer and information sciences program area contains 10 different majors. Other Computer & Information Sciences Majors.

Major Annual Degrees Awarded
Computer Systems Networking 14,055
Computer Software & Applications 12,793
Computer Programming 10,688
Computer Systems Analysis 2,472

How popular is computer science major?

The number of computer science jobs is projected to grow 12% between 2018 and 2028 — much faster than the average for all occupations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of computer science jobs is projected to grow 12% between 2018 and 2028, making it one of the more viable fields.

How many CS graduates a year?

All told, the US produces about 65,000 students with computer science degrees each year, a number that’s gone up dramatically over the past few decades. That number is dwarfed by either China ( 185,000 students) or India ( 215,000 students).

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What is the hardest major?

CollegeVine’s Top 10 Hardest Majors

  1. Chemistry. Average GPA: 2.9.
  2. Chemical Engineering. Average GPA: 3.2.
  3. Electrical Engineering. Average GPA: 3.3.
  4. Physics. Average GPA: 3.1.
  5. Architecture. Average GPA: 3.3.
  6. Nursing. Average GPA: 3.2.
  7. Accounting. Average GPA: 3.2.
  8. Cellular and Molecular Biology. Average GPA: 3.2.

Is CS a hard major?

Learning the discipline of Computer Science is a hard and difficult endeavor for most students. However, if you are willing to invest the time and learn serious time management skills, most students can successfully learn the discipline and pursue successful careers in Computer Science fields.

Should I major in computer science if I’m bad at math?

You can be bad at it at first, but make sure you become good at it after taking your classes. It’s worth noting that math changes a lot from pre-calculus to calculus and beyond. You can get D’s in all your math classes and still graduate with a CS degree.

Which field is best in computer science?

Here are the top 6 jobs you could get with a computer science degree:

  1. Full Stack Web Developer. A full stack web developer is well-versed in both front- and back-end web development.
  2. Mobile Application Developer.
  3. Software Engineer.
  4. Systems Architect.
  5. Machine Learning Engineer.
  6. Data Engineer.

What is starting salary for computer science majors?

At this early juncture in the salary-reporting cycle for the Class of 2020, computer science majors have a projected average salary of $68,668. At $67,638, the projected starting salary for software applications graduates follows closely, while information sciences and systems majors are expected to earn $65,690.

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Is computer science a dying field?

TL;DR: Computer Science is not dying. The CS field is not dying, but a number of things are happening, and a lot of change may come in the near future. The thing is that CS is a relatively new field that is attracting a lot of people.

Is computer science the hardest major?

Computer science ranks as one of the hardest college majors for its combination of theoretical and technical material. Majors must master operating systems, computing principles, and data structures.

How hard is it to get into UW computer science?

Unfortunately CSE at UW is incredibly difficult to get into. The only people I have met who have gotten into CS have had a 3.9-4.0 in the two CS pre requisite classes ( CSE 142 and 143) at UW. That being said, their are other majors at UW which look very good on a resume for computer science careers.

What is the easiest degree to get?

10 Easiest College Degrees

  1. Women’s studies. Studying culture from a woman’s perspective might not be so hard.
  2. Religious studies.
  3. English literature.
  4. Sports management.
  5. Creative writing.
  6. Communications studies.
  7. Liberal studies.
  8. Theater arts.

Is engineering harder than computer science?

Engineering classes are more rigourous and require more foundation in maths / sciences. Engineering classes are also generally more time consuming – this is not to say that a CS degree is “easy”, but you will put more hours into engineering for sure.

Is computer science stressful?

So, the answer is. Yes, it is stressful if you don’t have the passion for Computers or coding (Since 90% of engineers are required for coding purpose). If you’re good with computers and you know what you’re doing and the most important thing!

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