FAQ: Where To Get Science Graveyard Keeper?

How do I get science in the graveyard keeper?

Once you have a large stock of Clean Paper head to the Study Desk in the Church Basement. You can instantly decompose a single piece of Clean Paper in exchange for 2 Science Points. I was able to get over 100 Science Points in just a couple of minutes. That’s How To Get More Science Points In Graveyard Keeper.

What should I study for the graveyard keeper?

Graveyard Keeper: 15 Ways To Earn Blue Points

  1. 1 Make Injections. The final way you can earn blue points is to make injections.
  2. 2 Golden Apple.
  3. 3 Creating Books.
  4. 4 Sculpting Marble.
  5. 5 Make Hemp Ropes.
  6. 6 Study and Craft Church Items.
  7. 7 Making Flasks.
  8. 8 Craft Fences.

How do you get the study table in the graveyard keeper?

The study table becomes available after you’ve progressed the Episcop’s main quest line far enough to get access to the church, and alchemy lab. To research most items you will need some combination of science and faith.

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Where do I get the paper for the graveyard keeper?

The blueprint for the Church Workbench is unlocked by purchasing the Paper Crafting skill in the Book Writing tab of the Skill Tree. Now once you extract Skin from a corpse, you can bring it to the Church Workbench to craft Pigskin paper from it.

How do I start graveyard keeper?

Starting Tips for Graveyard Keeper Game Graveyard Keeper Guide and Walkthrough

  1. Develop the Technology Tree.
  2. Collect resources!
  3. Take care of the graveyard.
  4. Don’t leave things for the last minute.
  5. Listen to what the NPCs have to say.
  6. Start with planting carrots.
  7. Pay attention to the corpse’s condition.
  8. Develop your character.

How do you get ink in graveyard keeper?

To get this paint you will need Alchemy Workbench (I). Ink is very useful – you can use it to write something, repair items in the church and to complete certain quests (two NPCs will want Ink from you). Another way of obtaining Ink is to buy it from Astrologer for 250 coins.

How does graveyard keeper make money?

How to Make Money

  1. Bury corpses and sell the burial certificates (critical early game).
  2. Burn corpses south of the mortuary (need crematorium technology).
  3. Sell burgers and beer at witch burnings.
  4. Weekly sermons (once the church is open).
  5. Smelt silver ingot and sell it to the merchant once per week.
  6. Fishing.

How do you get blue coins in graveyard keeper?

Click on the study desk and “craft”, using the item, science points and faith points. If you don’t have enough faith points, you may need to pray at the church altar on Sunday. You’ll then receive the blue points for studying the item.

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What do you do with the graveyard keeper body parts?

Blood/skulls are used for your dungeon (after the closed gate in your basement). Fat can be used for candles in your church and can be used as alchemy materials but not the best for it. Bones can be grinded down to white powder.

Where is the desk in graveyard keeper?

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Alchemy Lab

How do you get oil in the graveyard keeper?

To buy Oil, head East alongside the dirt path outside of the Dead Horse Tavern in the Village until you come across a bunch of old stone ruins. Among these ruins should be an NPC named Dig, one of the three Seed Vendors in the game.

What do you do with the ruined book in the graveyard keeper?

Ruined books can be turned into clean paper using river sand at the desk.

How do you make a complex iron in the graveyard keeper?

You will also need to craft an Anvil at your home to make Complex Iron Parts. The Anvil will take 4 Iron Parts to build. Crafting Complex Iron Parts will take one Iron Ingot and one Simple Iron Parts (you can get the Simple Iron Parts from the Wood Anvil).

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