FAQ: What Is Expansion In Science?

What is called expansion?

Expansion is the phase of the business cycle where real gross domestic product (GDP) grows for two or more consecutive quarters, moving from a trough to a peak. Expansion is typically accompanied by a rise in employment, consumer confidence, and equity markets and is also referred to as an economic recovery.

What is expansion with example?

Expansion is defined as the act of getting bigger or something added onto something else. An example of an expansion is an extra three rooms built onto a house.

What is expansion in heat?

Thermal expansion is the tendency of matter to change in shape, volume, and area in response to a change in temperature. The degree of expansion divided by the change in temperature is called the material’s coefficient of thermal expansion.

What is the meaning of expansion and contraction?

Thermal Expansion and Contraction. THERMAL EXPANSION AND CONTRACTION. Materials expand or contract when subjected to changes in temperature. Most materials expand when they are heated, and contract when they are cooled. When free to deform, concrete will expand or contract due to fluctuations in temperature.

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What are the three types of expansion?

The three types of thermal expansion are, linear expansion, superficial expansion and cubical expansion.

What causes expansion?

Expansion may be caused by factors external to the economy, such as weather conditions or technical change, or by factors internal to the economy, such as fiscal policies, monetary policies, the availability of credit, interest rates, regulatory policies or other impacts on producer incentives.

What are 2 examples of thermal expansion?

Here are five examples:

  • If you have ever tried to unscrew a stuck lid off a glass jar, you’ll appreciate this expansion effect.
  • Bridges have a long span and in hot weather the materials that the bridge is made of will expand.
  • A liquid, when heated, will expand and can be made to rise up a tube.

What is the process of expansion?

Compression is a process under which volume of the system is gradually reduced, pressure and temperature increases where heat transfer may or may not be possible. While in expansion process volume is gradually decrease with the decrease in pressure and temperature and heat transfer may or may not be possible.

What is expansion in sentence?

1 The company intends a slow-down in expansion. 2 The company was now set for major expansion. 3 Their much-touted expansion plans have come to nothing. 4 Expansion was made possible by the investment of government money. 5 The rapid expansion of cities can cause social and economic problems.

What is thermal expansion examples?

The expansion of alcohol in a thermometer is one of many commonly encountered examples of thermal expansion, the change in size or volume of a given mass with temperature. Railroad tracks and bridges, for example, have expansion joints to allow them to freely expand and contract with temperature changes.

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What is the law of thermal expansion?

Thermal expansion is the tendency of matter to change its shape, area, volume, and density in response to a change in temperature, usually not including phase transitions. Substances which contract with increasing temperature are unusual, and only occur within limited temperature ranges (see examples below).

What liquid violates the principle of thermal expansion?

It is important to note that water does not follow the rule of thermal expansion. Water expands when it freezes because the crystalline structure of ice takes up more space than liquid water.

What are the uses of expansion?

Thermal Expansion – Real-life applications

  • ENGINE COOLANT. Another example of thermal expansion on the part of a liquid can be found inside the car’s radiator.
  • WATER.

How is expansion and contraction used in everyday life?

Thermal expansion and contraction affect the volumes of liquids that are used every day. Cars provide a good example of this. Cold gasoline in a car’s gas tank expands in hot weather. Also, if a car engine is filled with cold liquid coolant, the coolant will warm up and expand when the car is running, and may overflow.

What is difference between expansion and contraction?

The increase in size of an object on heating is called expansion whereas the decrease in size of an object on cooling is called contraction.

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