Who Is Chairman Nab Pakistan?

Who is current NAB Chairman?

Justice (R) Javed Iqbal is the present chairman of NAB. The Prosecutor General is the head of prosecution, and serves a three-year term. A retired justice Asghar Haider is current Prosecutor General of National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

Who is the deputy chairman of NAB?

Hussain Asghar is a retired Pakistani police officer who currently serves as Deputy Chairman National Accountability Bureau, in office since April 2019.

What is NAB Pakistan?

Title National Accountability Bureau, Pakistan Summary “The National Accountability Bureau (Urdu: قومی دفتر احتساب‎; reporting name: NAB ), is an autonomous and constitutionally established federal institution responsible to build efforts against corruption and prepare critical national economic intelligence assessments

Who is Javed Iqbal?

Senior Justice Javed Iqbal (Urdu: جاوید اقبال‎; 5 October 1924 – 3 October 2015) was a Pakistani philosopher and senior justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He was the son of the poet-philosopher Muhammad Iqbal, who inspired the Pakistan Movement.

What is the purpose of NAB?

The NAB is a federal executive agency of the Government of Pakistan, with the mandate to deal with corruption prevention, raise public awareness, and enforce of anti-corruption measures. The NAB has its headquarters in the federal capital and has five regional offices in four provinces.

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