Where Is Pakpattan In Pakistan?

What is the old name of Pakpattan?

The original name of Pakpattan was “Ajodhan”. It was renamed Pakpattan after it was used for the first time by Baba Fariduddin Ganj Shakar. The word Pakpattan consists of two words ” pak ” and “pattan” meaning “clean dockland” (Pattan means a dockland or place where ships or boats stop).

Which is the biggest tehsil of Pakistan?

Depalpur Tehsil (Urdu: تحصِيل دِيپالپُور‎), is an administrative subdivision ( tehsil ) of Okara District in the Punjab province of Pakistan, headquartered at the city of Depalpur. It is the largest tehsil of Pakistan.

When did Pakistan become a district?

In 1947, when Pakistan gained independence, there were 124 districts. In 1969, two new districts (Tangail and Patuakhali) in East Pakistan were formed, bringing the total to 126. Pakistan.

Province / Capital territory Punjab
Districts 36
Area (km2) 205,345
Population (2017) 110,012,442
Country of Comparable Size Belarus

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What is the old name of Lahore?

Little is known of the history of the settlement prior to the Muslim period. Hindu legend attributes the founding of Lahore to Lava, or Lōh, son of Rāma, for whom it is said to have been named Lōhāwar. The city of “Labokla” mentioned in Ptolemy’s 2nd-century Guide to Geography may have been Lahore.

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What was the old name of Islamabad?

The old name of Islamabad is “ Potohar region “.

What is the old name of Gujranwala?

Humans settlements in Gujranwala have been present since antiquity. According to the Imperial Gazetteer of India the town was originally founded by Gujjars, and renamed Khanpur by the Sansi Jats of Amritsar who settled there; but its old name has survived.

What is Gujrat Pakistan famous for?

Gujrat produces low-temperature pottery and ceramic goods, hukkas, or water pipe, artistic handicrafts, flower pots, changairian (made from the leaves of palm and date trees), cotton mates and woolen shawls. Sohni Mahiwal is a famous folk tale of the Punjab region.

What is Okara famous for?

Okara is known for its cattle breed known as Sahiwal and a water buffalo breed known as Niliravi. It is very rich in livestock population and production. Livestock Production Research Institute Bahadar Nagar Farm is a very large government farm near Okara.

Which city is smallest in Pakistan?


Jhelum جِہلم
• Chairman MC Khan Sher Bahadur Kaira (PMLN)
• City 22.5 km2 (8.7 sq mi)
Elevation 233 m (768 ft)

How many divisions Pakistan have?

On what grounds are new divisions and districts really created? Pakistan is divided into four provinces and 132 districts. KP is divided into seven divisions and 34 districts; Balochistan into seven divisions and 33 districts; Punjab into nine divisions and 36 districts; and Sindh into seven divisions and 29 districts.

How many Soba are in Pakistan?

The four provincial governments of Pakistan administer the four provinces of Pakistan. There are also two territories and two disputed regions which have similar governments but with some differences. The head of each province is a non-executive Governor appointed by the President, on the advice of the Prime Minister.

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Is Pakistan safe in 2020?

If you want to travel to Pakistan, Pakistan is currently safe for travelers of all genders. There are still security issues in more remote areas of the country, but after years of struggle with violence and terrorism, many places in Pakistan are now safe for locals and foreigners alike. In short: yes, Pakistan is safe.

Which is the oldest city in Pakistan?

Situated in the broad Valley of Peshawar near the eastern end of the historic Khyber Pass, close to the border with Afghanistan, Peshawar’s recorded history dates back to at least 539 BCE, making it the oldest city in Pakistan and one of the oldest cities in South Asia.

Is Lahore a Hindu name?

According to oral traditions, Lahore was named after Lava, son of the Hindu god Rama, who supposedly founded the city. Lahore Fort has a vacant temple dedicated in honour of Lava. Likewise, the Ravi River that flows through northern Lahore was said to be named in honour of the Hindu goddess Durga.

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