What Is Pakistan Origin Card?

How do I get a Pakistani origin card?

You can apply for your Pakistan Origin Card ( POC ) by visiting Pak Identity website and have it delivered to your doorstep. You can apply in following categories: New (applying for the first time) Modification (change in your existing POC data)

What is Pakistani origin?

The Indian consulate classes you of Pakistani origin though you were born in Britain whereas technically you are of Pakistani ethnicity – so if you have parents or grandparents born in Pakistan, you’re classed as Pakistani origin.

What is the difference between Nicop and POC card?

National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis ( NICOP ) is an identity card for Pakistanis living abroad. What is POC? Pakistan Origin Card ( POC ) is an identity card which is issued to those Pakistani origin individuals who have renunciated their Pakistani nationality.

How long is Pakistan origin card valid?

POCs are valid for 7 years from the date of issuance (ibid. n.d.b). The fee for a POC is USD 100 for adults and USD 50 for minors (ibid.). The fee cannot be paid at the SRCs; rather, the fee must be paid at designated banks or at Pakistani embassies (ibid.).

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Who is eligible for POC?

Eligibility. You are eligible for POC if: You were a Pakistani national and have surrendered the nationality. You are a foreign national, married to a Pakistani citizen and your parents are of Pakistani origin or ever held Pakistani nationality.

Can I travel to Pakistan with expired POC?

You can definitely enter Pakistan on your valid CNIC. FIA (Federal Immigration Agency) has issued an advice for those who want to travel to Pakistan with expired NICOP OR P-ORIGIN card. All those travelling with expired Nicop or any other overseas card for Pakistanis are entitled to enter into Pakistan.

Which city of UK is called Little Pakistan?

There are around 80,000 Britons in Pakistan, a substantial number of whom are British Pakistanis who have resettled in Pakistan. The town of Mirpur in Azad Kashmir, where the majority of British Pakistanis hail from, has a large expatriate population of resettled British Pakistanis and is dubbed “Little England”.

Who is the richest Pakistani in UK?

According to the Sunday Times Rich List, in 2020 Anwar Pervez’s net worth is £3.1 billion (US$3.75 billion); which makes him the richest Pakistan-born Briton in the UK.

Where do most Pakistani live in USA?

Towns and cities in America with the highest percentage of Pakistani ancestry include Madison Park, New Jersey (5.7%), Herricks, New York (4.1% ), Boonton, New Jersey (4%), Lincolnia, Virginia (3%), Stafford, Texas (2%) and Avenel, New Jersey (2%).

Can I enter Pakistan without Nicop?

The federal government has decided to abolish the condition of having a National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis ( NICOP ) for expatriates living abroad, who wish to travel to Pakistan. Now, overseas Pakistanis will not require any such document to travel to Pakistan without a visa.

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Can I enter Pakistan with CNIC?

Yes, if you have even valid CNIC you still need visa for Pakistan if you travel on US/other country’s passport.

What is a POC card Pakistan?

Pakistan Origin Card or POC is to facilitate the former Pakistani citizens who currently do not hold Pakistani nationality but have ever remained a Pakistani citizen in their lifetime. POC holders enjoy visa free entry into Pakistan; can buy property in Pakistan.

Does Pakistan give nationality to foreigners?

Any citizen of Pakistan residing outside Pakistan, who is not a minor and is also a citizen or national of another country or has been given by the competent authority of another country any valid document assuring him/her citizenship or nationality of that other country, shall make a declaration of renunciation of

How can I surrender my Pakistani nationality?


  1. Written and signed request with the reason for renunciation of citizenship.
  2. Notarized copy of the American Passport / Citizenship Certificate.
  3. Form X duly typed (not handwritten) and signed by the applicant and notarized from Notary Public with three sets of the form.

What is the fee for Nadra card?

Fee Details of NICOP/SNICOP

Categories/Type Zone A Service
NICOP Renewal $36 (USD) $72 (USD)
New Smart NICOP $39 (USD) $75 (USD)
Smart NICOP Modification $39 (USD) $75 (USD)
Smart NICOP Duplicate $39 (USD) $75 (USD)

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