Readers ask: Why Youtube Banned In Pakistan?

Is YouTube banned in Pakistan?

The video had sparked protests in Pakistan as well, resulting in the ban. However, three years later in January 2016, Pakistan lifted the ban after reaching an agreement with YouTube according to which Pakistani authorities were given the power to block content it deemed offensive.

Why is YouTube banned in some countries?

As of September 2012, countries with standing national bans on YouTube include China, Iran, Syria, and Turkmenistan. Due to disputes between GEMA and YouTube over royalties, many videos featuring copyrighted songs were inaccessible in Germany.

Why was TikTok banned in Pakistan?

Pakistan has banned TikTok, China’s video-sharing app, for the second time. The Pakistani media regulator undertook the move on Thursday after a court order citing “unethical and immoral content” on the platform.

Is VPN legal in Pakistan?

It is legal to use a VPN in Pakistan, but the government requires all VPN services to be registered. Unregistered VPNs are blocked. Registered VPNs are a security threat because they may leak your browsing activity to the government.

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Is TikTok ban in Pakistan?

Pakistan’s media regulatory agency reinstates access to the Chinese video service after a court last month banned it for ‘vulgar’ content. Pakistan has lifted a second ban imposed on TikTok over “immoral and unethical” content after the popular video-sharing app again offered to moderate uploads.

What is not allowed on YouTube?

Hate speech, predatory behavior, graphic violence, malicious attacks, and content that promotes harmful or dangerous behavior isn’t allowed on YouTube.

Which country has most number of Youtubers?

Unique monthly users in millions
United States 167.4
Brazil 69.5
Russia 47.4
Japan 46.8

Does YouTube have the right to censor?

YouTube isn’t bound by the First Amendment and is free to censor PragerU videos, a court ruled. In 2017, the right -wing organization Prager University sued YouTube, claiming the platform had violated its First Amendment rights by flagging some of its videos as “inappropriate.”

In which country is TikTok banned?

TikTok has been banned in Pakistan for “immoral/indecent content.” TikTok has been banned in Pakistan after the Chinese video sharing app clocked up complaints about “immoral/indecent content.” The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) said Friday it gave TikTok the opportunity to comply, but did not.

Is Tik Tok ban?

Following the temporary app ban dated June 29, 2020, the government of India has issued a notice to TikTok on the permanent ban of the app in the country. Along with TikTok, the government has issued a similar permeant ban notice to 177 Chinese apps which were banned earlier, says sources.

Who is the prime minister of TikTok?

Pakistani TikToker Chacha Pakistani has become the latest self-appointed prime minister of TikTok. The person administering the oath to Chacha was none other than Kashif Zameer, the famous TikToker and businessman who hosted Engin Altin. Altin plays the lead in the popular Turkish series Diriliş: Ertuğrul.

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Which VPN is best for Pakistan?

Here’s our full list of the best VPNs you can use to get an IP address for Pakistan:

  1. ExpressVPN. Apr 2021. Apps Available: PC. Mac. IOS. Android.
  2. CyberGhost. Apps Available: PC. Mac. IOS. Android.
  3. Hotspot Shield. Apps Available: PC. Mac. IOS. Android.
  4. VyprVPN. Apps Available: PC. Mac. IOS. Android.
  5. PureVPN. Apps Available: PC. Mac. IOS. Android.

What sites are blocked in Pakistan?

Blocked by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

Name Type of site Blocked by
YouTube Video hosting service PTA
YouTube Video hosting service PTA
Flickr Social networking service PTA
Wikipedia Multilingual, web-based, free-content encyclopedia PTA

Can the police track a VPN?

Police can ‘t track live, encrypted VPN traffic, but if they have a court order, they can go to your ISP (internet service provider) and request connection or usage logs. Since your ISP knows you’re using a VPN, they can direct the police to them.

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