Quick Answer: How Many Districts In Pakistan?

How many Division and districts are there in Pakistan?

Pakistan is divided into four provinces and 132 districts. KP is divided into seven divisions and 34 districts; Balochistan into seven divisions and 33 districts; Punjab into nine divisions and 36 districts; and Sindh into seven divisions and 29 districts.

How many states are in Pakistan?

Administrative units of Pakistan

Administrative Units: Islamic Republic of Pakistan پاکستان کی انتظامی اکائیاں
Category Federated state
Location Pakistan
Created 1 July 1970
Number 4 provinces 2 administrative territories 1 federal territory

How many districts are there in KPK 2020?

Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Location Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Number 35 (as of 30 September 2020 )
Populations 169,240 (Upper Chitral District ) – 4,333,770 (Peshawar District )
Areas 454 square kilometres (175 sq mi) (Torghar District ) – 9,334 square kilometres (3,604 sq mi) (Dera Ismail Khan District )

How many districts are there in Sindh 2020?

Sindh is one of the four provinces of Pakistan. It has 30 districts, where each district is further divided into tehsils. Karachi, the capital of Sindh, is the most populous city district, as well as the most densely populated.

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Which is oldest city of Pakistan?

Situated in the broad Valley of Peshawar near the eastern end of the historic Khyber Pass, close to the border with Afghanistan, Peshawar’s recorded history dates back to at least 539 BCE, making it the oldest city in Pakistan and one of the oldest cities in South Asia.

Which is smallest district of Pakistan?

Districts of Pakistan

Districts of Pakistan, Azad Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan
Areas Largest: Chagai, Balochistan—44,748 km2 (17,277 sq mi) Smallest: Torghar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa—497 km2 (192 sq mi)
Government District, Tehsil, Union Council

Which part of Kashmir is most beautiful?

1.Srinagar The capital of J&K, Srinagar is one of the most beautiful places in Kashmir.

How was Pakistan named?

The name of the country was coined in 1933 by Choudhry Rahmat Ali, a Pakistan Movement activist, who published it in a pamphlet Now or Never, using it as an acronym (“thirty million Muslim brethren who live in PAKISTAN”), and referring to the names of the five northern regions of the British Raj: Punjab, Afghania,

How many total cities are in Pakistan?

As per the 2017 Census of Pakistan, there are two megacities, ten million-plus cities, and 99 cities having a population of 100,000 or more.

Which is the smallest division of KPK?

Mardan Division
Country Pakistan
Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
• Total 3,175 km2 (1,226 sq mi)

Which is the largest division of KPK?

Peshawar is the biggest Division of KPK by population and Malakand is the largest Division of KPK by area.

How many cities are there in KPK Pakistan?

This is a list showing the most populous cities in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan as of the 2017 Census of Pakistan. In the following table, you can find each of the 46 cities and towns in the province with populations higher than 30,000 as of March 15, 2017.

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What is the old name of Sindh?

The province of Sindh has been designated after the river Sindh (Indus) which literally created it and has been also its sole means of sustenance. However, the importance of the river and close phonetical resemblance in nomenclature would make one consider Sindhu as the probable origin of the name of Sindh.

Why Sindh is called Mehran?

Sindh is one of the provinces of Pakistan and historically home to the Sindhi people. It is also locally known as the “ Mehran ” and has been given the title of Bab-ul-Islam (The gateway of Islam).

How old is Sindh?


Sindh سندھ سنڌ
Established 1 July 1970
Capital Karachi
Largest city Karachi

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