Question: Who Is The Current Leader Of Pakistan 2013?

How many seats PML N won in 2013?

2013 Pakistani general election

Party PML(N) PTI
Leader since 27 July 2011 25 April 1996
Leader’s seat Lahore-III Rawalpindi-VII
Last election 89 seats boycotted
Seats won 166 35

Who is the 13th president of Pakistan?

Dr. Arif Alvi was sworn in as the 13th President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 9th September 2018. Dr. Arif Alvi was born in 1949 and completed his early education in Karachi.

Who rules Pakistan now?

The current head of state of Pakistan is Arif Alvi, elected in 2018 after being nominated by PTI, the party run by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Is the Queen head of state in Pakistan?

The British monarch became head of state of the new dominion, with Pakistan sharing a king with the United Kingdom and the other Dominions of the British Commonwealth, but the monarch’s constitutional roles were delegated to the Governor-General of Pakistan, and most real powers resided with the new government headed

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How many seats PML N have in National Assembly?

Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PML-N) Seats Distribution

Seat Type No. of Seats
General 65
Reserved 16
Minority 2
Total: 83

How many seats PTI have in National Assembly?

List of members of the 15th National Assembly of Pakistan

Party Seats Seats
PTI 157 5
PML (N) 84 3
PPP 54 1
MMA 16 1

How many President Pakistan have now?

List of presidents of Pakistan

No. Name (Birth–Death) Left office
Muhammad Mian Soomro (1950– ) Acting 9 September 2008
11 Asif Ali Zardari (1955– ) 9 September 2013
12 Mamnoon Hussain (1940– ) 9 September 2018
13 Arif Alvi (1949– ) Incumbent (Term ends on 9 September 2023)

How is Pakistan president elected?

The President is elected in presidential elections. In an indirect election, with the winner being determined by votes casts by the electors of the Electoral College. The electoral college is composed of elected senators, members of the national and provincial assemblies.

What does Pakistan stand for?

Etymology. The name Pakistan means literally “a land abounding in the pure” or “a land in which the pure abound,” in Urdu and Persian. It references the word پاک (pāk), meaning “pure” in Persian and Pashto.

Is Pakistan still under military rule?

Military coups in Pakistan began in 1958 There have been numerous successful attempts since 1951. Since its creation in 1947, Pakistan has spent several decades under military rule (1958 – 1971, 1977 – 1988, 1999 – 2008).

Who controls Pakistan army?

Pakistan Army
Commander-in-Chief President Arif Alvi
Chief of Army Staff Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa
Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Sahir Shamshad Mirza
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Who is the Queen head of state for?

The Queen is head of state of 16 countries that are a part of the Commonwealth realm, including the UK. These include Australia, Canada and New Zealand, as well as several island nations in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean.

Is there royalty in Pakistan?

Pakistan adopted a new constitution on 23 March 1956. This constitution abolished the monarchy, making Pakistan a republic in the Commonwealth of Nations.

Monarchy of Pakistan
Former Monarchy
Monarchy started 14 August 1947
Monarchy ended 23 March 1956
Current pretender Title abolished (stopped)

Is Pakistan is democratic country?

Pakistan constitutionally is a democratic parliamentary republic with its political system based on an elected form of governance. Since the establishment of the current system in 2003, Pakistan is one of the youngest democracies in the world.

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