Question: How To Register A Company In Pakistan Online?

How much does it cost to register a company in Pakistan?

Registration /Filing fee. The total company incorporation fee is 1800 Rs for online submission if the nominal share capital is not more than Rs 100,000. For offline submission, the total company incorporation fee is 3500 Rs.

How can I register my online business in Pakistan?

How to Register Your Business Online in Pakistan

  1. Sign up at and create a digital signature.
  2. Reserve a company name which must not be prohibited.
  3. Proceed with filling the form by entering information about your company like address and type of business.
  4. Before you submit your data, review it once at least.

How we register a company in Pakistan?

How to register a company in Pakistan

  1. Step 1: Approval of Company Name. This is the first step of company registration in Pakistan is choosing the company’s name.
  2. Step 2: Submission of Documents.
  3. Step 3: Certificate of Incorporation.
  4. Step 4: Deposit of Shares.
  5. Step 5: Registration of Income, Sales, and Professional Taxes.
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How do I register a company with SECP?

Let us register your company with SECP in Rs. THE INCORPORATION PROCESS

  1. STEP 1: COMPANY NAME RESERVATION. First use SECP’s Company Name Search to check if your proposed name is available.

What documents are required for company registration?

The documents for registering a Public Limited Company include identity proof, address proof, and PAN Card of all Directors and shareholders, DIN, DSC, Utility Bill, NOC from the landlord, Memorandum of Association, and Articles of Association.

How much does it cost to register ltd company?

It costs £12 and can be paid by debit or credit card or Paypal account. Your company is usually registered within 24 hours. If you do not want to use ‘limited’ in your company name you must register by post.

Which online business is best in Pakistan?

Best Online Business Ideas For Pakistanis

  • Small Business Marketing.
  • Proofreading / Editing.
  • Business Writing.
  • Video Production / Video Editing.
  • Graphic Designing.
  • Blogging / Blog Consulting.
  • Sports / Personal Training.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How do I register an online business?

Register Business Name in DTI. Get Barangay Clearance. Acquire Mayor’s Permit. Register your business name in the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)

  1. Prepare your business name.
  2. Confirm the availability of your business name.
  3. Fill up the online registration form.
  4. Pay the registration fee.
  5. Download your certificate.

How do I register with Portal?

To create a new Portal petitioner account, the user must open the ‘Create new account’ link located in the log-in box of the Portal Home page. The user must complete the registration form. All fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required and must be completed to create a new Portal account.

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How can I register my logo in Pakistan?

What is the process of registering a trademark in Pakistan?

  1. The first step is to determine the classification (class) under which goods/services of your business fall.
  2. Once the classification has been determined, you have to file a Trademark Search (TM-55) application before the IPO Pakistan.

What small business can I start in Pakistan?

35 Low Investment, Small Business Ideas in Pakistan 2020

  • Content Writing – Zero Investment Business Idea.
  • Editing And Proof Reading – Innovative Business Idea.
  • Ghost Writing – Small Business Ideas.
  • Blogging – Best Online Business in Pakistan.
  • Freelancing.
  • Social Media/ Online Marketing:
  • Photography:
  • Home-Based Cooking:

How can I start a private limited company?

How to register a Pvt Ltd Company

  1. #1: Apply for DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)
  2. #2: Apply for the DIN (Director Identification Number)
  3. #3: Apply for the name availability.
  4. #4: File the EMoa and EAOA to register the private limited company.
  5. #5: Apply for the PAN and TAN of the company.

Can one person register a company?

A new concept has been introduced in the Company’s Act 2013, about the One Person Company (OPC). In a Private Company, a minimum of 2 Directors and 2 Members are required whereas in a Public Company, a minimum of 3 Directors and a minimum of 7 members. A single person could not incorporate a Company previously.

How do I register a company?

How to Register a Company in India?

  1. Step 1: Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  2. Step 2: Director Identification Number (DIN)
  3. Step 3: Registration on the MCA Portal.
  4. Step 4: Certificate of Incorporation.

Can one person open a company?

To incorporate a One Person Company, two person are required. The Director of the One Person Company and Nominee Director. The Nominee Director is responsible for management of the Company in case the Director is not able to execute his functions. To incorporate a Private Limited Company, two persons are required.

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