Often asked: What Pakistan Imports?

What are major imports of Pakistan?

Top 10

  • Machinery including computers: US$5 billion (13.3% of total imports)
  • Electrical machinery, equipment: $4.6 billion (12%)
  • Iron, steel: $2.3 billion (6.1%)
  • Mineral fuels including oil: $2.2 billion (5.9%)
  • Organic chemicals: $2 billion (5.2%)
  • Plastics, plastic articles: $1.8 billion (4.7%)
  • Cotton: $1.7 billion (4.4%)

What Pakistan imports from other countries?

Top 4 countries from where Pakistan imports

  • China. China is the country from where Pakistan imports the most, from cars to needles all coming from China, not only in Pakistan, China exports to almost every country on the map now, China is the largest exporter of goods since 2009.
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • United Arab Emirates.
  • Kuwait.

What are Pakistan imports and exports?

Pakistan’s exports continue to be dominated by men power export in the subcontinent,cotton textiles and apparel. Imports include petroleum and petroleum products, chemicals, fertilizer, capital goods, industrial raw materials, and consumer products.

What food does Pakistan import?

Pakistan is a relatively large importer of a few key agricultural products such as cotton, vegetable oil, pulses, tea, and dairy products, and a small or erratic importer of other agricultural products.

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What is the biggest export of Pakistan?

The major exports of Pakistan include textiles, leather and sports goods, chemicals, carpets, and rugs. Meanwhile, Pakistan also exports significant quantities of rice, sugar, cotton, fish, fruits, and vegetables.

Why does Pakistan import oil?

Pakistan mainly depends upon oil and gas resources to fulfil energy requirements. Indigenous resources of Oil are not enough to quench energy thirst of the growing economy. As a result Pakistan has to import large quantity of oil and oil based products from Middle East countries.

What does China import from Pakistan?

China exports 58% of Electrical Machinery, code 85 to Asia and imports 67% of Electrical Machinery from Asia as well. Major imports of China from this region are Pearls, gems and Cotton. Pakistan is the 3rd largest supplier of cotton to China.

What does Pakistan export to USA?

Pakistan exports to United States Value Year
Cotton $156.28M 2019
Articles of leather, animal gut, harness, travel good $130.19M 2019
Optical, photo, technical, medical apparatus $127.45M 2019
Plastics $80.47M 2019

Which crop is major export of Pakistan?

Pakistan exports rice, cotton, fish, fruits (especially Oranges and Mangoes), and vegetables and imports vegetable oil, wheat, pulses and consumer foods. The country is Asia’s largest camel market, second-largest apricot and ghee market and third-largest cotton, onion and milk market.

Does Pakistan import crude oil?

The country’s oil imports were recorded at $3.15 billion in July to October period of 2020-21 as compared to $4.18 billion in corresponding period of the last year, showing decline of 24.56 percent, according to the latest data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

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Which country is the largest trading partner of Pakistan?

China is by far the largest supplier of goods and services in Pakistan, followed by United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the United States and Indonesia.

Which is best cement in Pakistan?

Portland & fly ash cement is among some eco-friendly concrete materials, which also happens to be the best types of cement in Pakistan. The mixture contains up to 30 percent fly ash, and the rest of it is usually Portland cement, which we also know as ordinary cement.

What are the top 5 agricultural products of Pakistan?

The main agricultural products are cotton, wheat, rice, sugarcane, fruits, and vegetables, in addition to milk, beef, mutton, and eggs. Pakistan depends on one of the world’s largest irrigation systems to support production.

What does Australia import from Pakistan?

Economic and trade relations Australia’s major goods exports to Pakistan are pulses and oilseed, along with fertilizer and scrap metals. Major imports from Pakistan are textiles, petroleum and rice.

How can I export items from Pakistan?

Following documents are required for the processing of export.

  1. E-Form ( from the authorized commercial bank)
  2. Commercial invoice.
  3. Certificate country of origin.
  4. Packing list.
  5. B/L or AWB.
  6. Non-GMO certificate ( for selected countries )
  7. Pre-shipment certificate(if needed )

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