Often asked: What Is The Rate Of Gold In Pakistan?

What is the price of 1 tola gold in Pakistan today?

Today Gold rate in Pakistan is Rs. 85,500 per 10 grams, and Rs. 99,700 per tola. The rates are normally same all over Pakistan, however every city Sarafa market decides the current gold rate.

What is the price of 24 carat gold in Pakistan?

24 Karat Gold Price in Pakistan (PK)

Weight Gold Price in Pakistani Rupees ( PKR ) Converted to Indian Rupees ( INR )
1 Gram 8,535.35 PKR ₹4,181.50
2 Grams 17,070.70 PKR ₹8,363.00
5 Grams 42,676.75 PKR ₹20,907.50
10 Grams 85,353.50 PKR ₹41,815.00

What is gold price Pakistan?

Gold Price in Pakistani Rupee – Pakistan

1 ounce (31.1 grams) PKR 263,437.30
1 kilogram PKR 8,469,705.87
1 gram PKR 8,469.71

What is rate of 1 tola gold?

Dubai Gold Price | 24-hour gold rate live

Gold Rates Dubai Gold Price per Tola [AED] in United Arab Emirates dirham Change
1 Tola Gold Price ( 1 tola ) 2,360.76 7.06
2 Tolas Gold Price (2 tola ) 4,721.52 14.12
5 Tolas Gold Price (5 tola ) 11,803.80 35.29
10 Tolas Gold Price (10 tola ) 23,607.60 70.58
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How much is a Tola?

The tola (Hindi: तोला; Urdu: تولا‎ tolā) also transliterated as tolah or tole, is a traditional Ancient Indian and South Asian unit of mass, now standardised as 180 troy grains (11.663 8038 grams) or exactly 3/8 troy ounce.

Will the gold price go down in 2020?

It is expected that gold may not witness a huge rally or decline by Diwali. You can expect the price range of the yellow metal to move between Rs 50,000-Rs 52,000 per 10 gram range. On August 7, 2020, gold prices saw its record peak by surging to Rs 56,254 per 10 grams.

Which country has cheapest gold?

Based on gold prices at the end of 2020, Hong Kong may be the cheapest country to buy gold from, going by listed face value prices. According to sovereignman.com, it’s possible to easily purchase gold in Hong Kong at a lower premium than what’s common in other countries.

What is difference between 22K and 24K gold?

A 24 Karat gold is 100 per cent pure gold and does not have any other metal mixed. In the local market, it is known as 99.9 per cent pure and has a distinct bright yellow color. The 24 karat gold is more expensive than 22 or 18 Karat gold.

What is petrol price in Pakistan today?

Pakistan Oil Prices, Pakistan Petroleum Prices and current Petrol Prices

Type Price
Premium (Super) Rs. 103.97 /Ltr
High Speed Diesel Rs. 106.46 /Ltr
Light Speed Diesel Rs. 62.86 /Ltr
Kerosene Oil Rs. 65.29 /Ltr
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How much is 2 Tola in grams?

Tola to Gram Conversion Table

Tola [ tola ] Gram [ g ]
2 23.32
4 46.64
6 69.96
8 93.28

Which gold is the best?

Of the four most common gold purity levels, 10K is the most durable, though it also has the lowest gold content. 14K is slightly purer while also highly durable, while 18K gold is the purest form of gold that’s typically used for engagement rings and other jewelry.

Is 22 carat gold pure?

22 Karat Gold: It contains 22 parts of gold mixed with 2 parts of other metals such as copper, zinc. Due to other traces of metal in the composition, it is harder than a 24K pure gold and thus, appropriate to make jewellery. Gold of this karat is also known as ‘916 gold ‘ as it comprises 91.67% of pure gold.

What is gold at now?

Live Metal Spot Price (24hrs) Apr 09, 2021 at 16:31 EST

Gold Spot Prices Today Change
Gold Price Per Ounce $ 1,749.73 -12.03
Gold Price Per Gram $ 56.26 -0.39
Gold Price Per Kilo $ 56,255.13 -386.77

What is a 916 gold?

916: 916 also called as 22K gold which means 91.6 grams of gold have been in 100 grams of alloy. KDM jewellery: KDM jewellery is gold alloy where cadmium is used as a solder or filler with a ratio of 92% gold and 8% cadmium.

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