Import Duty On Cars In Pakistan?

How much is import tax on a car?

Customs Duties On average, expect to pay about 102 percent duty on a new vehicle or 160 percent on a used vehicle. These rates include: Basic customs duty (35 percent) Special excise duty (24 percent)

How is import duty calculated in Pakistan?

You can calculate the sales tax of the imported goods by adding the calculated amounts of customs value, customs duty, and additional customs duty.

  1. Customs Value in PKR = 2937254.
  2. Regulatory Duty in PKR = 587451.
  3. Customs Duty in PKR = 587451.
  4. Addition Customs duty in PKR = 29373.

How much is the customs duty in Pakistan?

*Additional Sales Tax is not present in the above image, but as per Sales Tax Act of Pakistan, this is 3% for all items. Now let us dive into the calculation of Customs Duty. Step 2: Know your Duty Structure!

Customs Duty 20%
Regulatory Duty 10%
Sales Tax 17%
Additional Sales Tax * 3%
Income Tax 12%

Is car import open in Pakistan?

Cars are imported in Pakistan under baggage rules or gift scheme as commercial imports are not allowed. However, the government has weak system to ensure that policy of transfer of residence and gift and baggage schemes are not misused.

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What is import duty?

Import duty is a type of tax levied on the import and specific exports of a nation’s customs authorities. Sometimes, import duty is also referred to as customs duty, import tax, import tariff, or tariff.

Who can import cars in Pakistan?

The Pakistani citizen who holds dual nationality living abroad can import used cars in Pakistan as per the import policy. And the person has to be more than eighteen years old to import a car. A person can import a car once in two years in Pakistan.

How is import duty calculated?

Basic Customs Duty (BCD): This is the tax that is calculated on the Assessment Value of the goods that have landed at the customs border of India. It can vary between 0% to 100%. BCD depends upon the HSN code of the product and the Country of Import.

How do you pay customs duty?

To pay custom duty online, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Access the e- payment portal of ICEGATE.
  2. Enter the import /export code or simply key the login credentials given by ICEGATE.
  3. Click on e- payment.
  4. Check all the e-challans that are in your name.
  5. Select the challan which you have to pay and choose the payment method.

How do you calculate import costs?

Step 4: Add import taxes. In this example 10% import tax is charged on the final value of imported goods (final value $17,750): So the final landed cost of goods imported into country:

  1. FOB $13,000.
  2. + Seafreight $2600.
  3. + All local import costs $1500.
  4. + 5% import duty $650.
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How many percent is custom duty?

Goods and Services Tax It’s a five percent federal tax that is imposed on practically everything that is sold in Canada.

How can I get custom clearance in Pakistan?

What documents are required and provided to the clearing agent for processing

  1. Invoice for shipment.
  2. Packing list.
  3. Bill of lading.
  4. A copy of the Letter of Credit or Contract (if any).
  5. A copy of the Sales Tax Registration Certificate as an importer.
  6. A copy of the National Tax Number.

Which car is best in Pakistan?

6 Best Used Cars Available in Pakistan under 10 Lacs

  • Suzuki Swift – The Ideal Family Hatchback.
  • Suzuki Wagon R – Utility at its Best.
  • 9th-Generation Toyota Corolla – A Powerful and Spacious Car.
  • 7th-Generation Honda Civic – Beauty with Brains.

Can we import old cars in Pakistan?

New vehicles can be imported into Pakistan freely by any one against payment of duty & taxes under generally applicable import procedures and requirements. Pakistani nationals residing abroad including dual nationals can import old and used vehicles into Pakistan under the following 03 schemes: Personal Baggage.

How can I import to Pakistan?

How to import to Pakistan, step by step process

  1. License required for Import.
  2. Import documents required.
  3. Import Customs Process.
  4. Learn Exports Imports Free, Click here.
  5. Click here to know GST rate of your goods or service.
  6. Import clearance under high sea sales.
  7. Import customs clearance procedures.
  8. Import General Manifest (IGM)

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