FAQ: What Is The Name Of National Tree Of Pakistan?

What is the name of national tree?

Indian fig tree, Ficus bengalensis, whose branches root themselves like new trees over a large area. The roots then give rise to more trunks and branches. Because of this characteristic and its longevity, this tree is considered immortal and is an integral part of the myths and legends of India.

How many trees are in Pakistan?

Pakistan has 4.2 million ha of forest and planted trees, which equates to 4.8 percent of the total land area. Forty percent of the forest area comprises coniferous and scrub forest in the northern hills and mountains.

What is the national animal of Pakistan?

Markhor, a distinctive species of wild goat identified by its long hair and spiralled horns, is the national animal of Pakistan.

Which is national vegetable of Pakistan?

Other Pakistani National and Official Symbols

Symbol Name
National tree Himalayan cedar (“King of Timber”) قومی درخت
National fruits قومی پھلوں Mango (Summer) قومی پھل (“King of fruits”) Guava (Winter) ثانوی قومی پھل
National vegetable Okra (“Official”) (“Nutritious Edible Seed Pod”) قومی سبزی
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Which is our national tree answer?

Indian fig tree, also termed as Banyan tree is the National tree of India. Ficus Bengalensis is the scientific name of national tree of India. Thank you.

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Which is largest forest in Pakistan?

Changa Manga

Changa Manga Urdu: چھانگا مانگا ‎
Area 5,065 hectares (12,515 acres)
Established 1866
Governing body Punjab Forest Department, Government of Punjab, Pakistan

Which country is planting the most trees?

Countries that Have Planted the Most Trees

Ranking Country Trees Planted
1 China 2,407,149,493
2 India 2,159,420,898
3 Ethiopia 1,725,350,234
4 Pakistan 1,006,776,724

Which country grows most trees?

Suriname is the most forested country in the world.

What is Pakistan national bird animal?

Markhor. National animal. Indus river dolphin. National mammal. Snow leopard and shaheen falcon.

What is Markhor called in English?

The markhor is the National animal of Pakistan. The word ” Markhor ” is Persian for “Snake Eater”. They mostly live in the Northern Areas of Pakistan especially in the Chitral, Ghizar and Hunza regions. There are about 2000 – 4000 Markhor in the wild.

What is so special about Pakistan?

Local factories in the region produce 40-60 million footballs a year, which is roughly 50-70% of the world’s total production. The football manufacturing industry now consists of more than 200 factories. 2. Pakistan is the world’s first Islamic country to attain nuclear power.

What is the national food of Pakistan?

It is no wonder that nihari is considered the national dish of Pakistan.

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What is national color of Pakistan?


Country Primary colours Secondary colours
Oman Red, white and green Gold
Pakistan Green and white Lime green and gold (sports)
Philippines Blue, red, white and yellow
Qatar Maroon and white

What is National Sweet of Pakistan?

KARACHI: Gulab Jamun has been declared national sweet of Pakistan in a poll survey on the official Twitter handle of the government of Pakistan. A poll question was raised to ascertain the national sweet.

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