FAQ: How To File Income Tax Return Pakistan?

How can I file my income tax return by myself?

Steps to e- File Your Income Tax Returns Online:

  1. Login & Required Documents.
  2. Enter Your Personal Information.
  3. Enter Your Salary Details.
  4. Enter the Details for Claiming Deduction.
  5. Enter the Details of Taxes Paid.
  6. e- File ITR.
  7. E-Verify.

Who is eligible for tax return in Pakistan?

Salaried individuals with income in excess of PKR 500,000 are required to e-file the return of income. Other Individuals deriving taxable income of Rs 1 million or more or having a turnover in excess of Rs 50 million are required to file returns electronically.

How can I file my tax filer Online in Pakistan?

The first step of filing your Income Tax Return is to register yourself with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

  1. For Income Tax Registration Individual can register online through Iris Portal.
  2. Whereas, the principal officer of AOP and Company needs to visit Regional Tax Office (RTO)
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Can we file income tax return manually?

Returns can either be filed manually or can be filed online. In fact, e- filing of a tax return is mandatory from FY 2016-17 onwards if you have a refund claim in the return or have a total income of more than Rs. 2,50,000.

Who should file income tax returns?

It is mandatory to file the income tax returns online for all the registered taxpayers whose taxable income. However, paper returns can be filed by those who are above 80 years of age and do not have any income from regular business or profession.

How do I file taxes for the first time?

Filing income tax returns for the first time? Here are some useful tips

  1. Remember the due date of filing ITR.
  2. Know your total taxable income after deductions.
  3. Collect your Form -16 from your employer.
  4. Verify your Form 26AS for deposited tax.
  5. Ensure that you have all the supporting documents for ITR filing.
  6. File your IT returns on time.
  7. Conclusion.

Who is filer and non filer in Pakistan?

The Government of Pakistan categorize its citizen in two groups, one is filer and other is non – filer. A filer is a person that is on the FBR active taxpayer list. On the other hand, non – filer is a person who is not on an active taxpayer list.

Who is exempt from filing tax return?

Under age 65. Single. Don’t have any special circumstances that require you to file (like self-employment income) Earn less than $12,400 (which is the 2020 standard deduction for a single taxpayer)

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Should non resident Pakistani file tax return?

The simple answer is yes, overseas Pakistanis have to file taxes. However, they are only taxed on their Pakistan -sourced income. That means, for the fiscal year 2019-20, an individual has to stay in a foreign country for at least eight months or so in order to claim ‘ tax -free status.

How do I know if I am a tax filer in Pakistan?

Check Active Taxpayer status by SMS Type “ATL (space) 13 digits Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)” and send to 9966.

How can I become rich in Pakistan?

Here Are A Few Shortcuts To Becoming “ Rich ” In Pakistan In No

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  3. Become A Religious Scholar. Source: Punjab University.
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  5. Marry A Rich /Boy Or Girl. Source: romance.taferresorts.com.
  6. Buy A Lottery Ticket Or A Prize Bond Draw. Source: Pakistan Point.

How can I file tax filer in Pakistan 2019?

Requirements of filing for tax in Pakistan

  1. Copy of CNIC.
  2. Registered cell number.
  3. Total salary earned during the last fiscal year.
  4. Your bank statement for the current fiscal year.
  5. Bank statements and certificates indicating the tax deductions you make.
  6. Complete details of assets owned by you as on 30.06.

Which ITR for salary?

For FY 2019-20, ITR-1 can be filed only by an ordinarily resident individual whose total income is Rs 50 lakh or less. This ITR form can be used to report income from salary, one house property, residuary income (interest, etc.), and agricultural income up to Rs 5,000.

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What is the penalty for filing wrong taxes?

If a tax payer fails to furnish the income tax return before deadline, he will be imposed a penalty of five thousand rupees, if the return is furnished on or before December 31 of the assessment year. The fine amount increases to ₹10,000 if ITR is furnished after December 31 of the assessment year.

How many times we can revise income tax return?

As long as you are filing revised returns within the due date, there is no limit on the number of revised returns you can submit. But note that you will have to provide complete details of the original ITR every time you file a revised return.

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