FAQ: How Many Al Qaeda In Pakistan?

Who was Tim Osman?

A member of a prominent Saudi Arabian family with links to the Texas Bush clan, Osama (Usama) bin Laden was known to the CIA in the 1980s as Colonel Tim Osman, a successful leader of the Mujahiddeen.

Who runs Al-Qaeda now?

Ayman al-Zawahiri

Ayman al-Zawahiri أيمن الظواهري
Military career
Allegiance Egyptian Islamic Jihad (1980–1998) Al-Qaeda (1988–present)
Years of service 1980–present
Rank General Emir of Al-Qaeda

How long did bin Laden live in Pakistan?

U.S. Intelligence estimates that bin Laden lived in the compound for five or six years. Bin Laden’s wife confirmed to the Pakistani authorities that they had lived in the compound for five years.

Why did Al-Qaeda start?

In Osama bin Laden’s November 2002 “Letter to America”, he explicitly stated that al – Qaeda’s motives for their attacks include: Western support for attacking Muslims in Somalia, supporting Russian atrocities against Muslims in Chechnya, supporting the Indian oppression against Muslims in Kashmir, the Jewish aggression

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Did the US train Al Qaeda?

No Americans ever trained or had direct contact with the mujahideen, and no American official ever went inside Afghanistan. Marc Sageman, a Foreign Service Officer who was based in Islamabad from 1987–1989, and worked closely with Afghanistan’s Mujahideen, states that no American money went to the foreign volunteers.

Why did the Russians invade Afghanistan?

Soviets wanted to weaken Pakistan which was an ally of United States and China. Soviet Union also believed that the hostile behaviour of Afghanistan against Pakistan and Iran could alienate Afghanistan from the west and Afghanistan would be forced to into a closer relationship with Soviet Union.

What does Al Qaeda stand for?

Al – Qaeda, Arabic al -Qāʿidah (“the Base”), broad-based militant Islamist organization founded by Osama bin Laden in the late 1980s.

How rich is the bin Laden family?

The Saudi Binladin Group is Egypt’s largest private foreign company and negotiated with the Lebanese government to rebuild part of central Beirut under a US $50 million contract. In 2009, the Bin Laden family was listed as the 5th wealthiest Saudi family by Forbes magazine, with a reported net worth of $7 billion.

How did us find Osama?

American intelligence officials discovered the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden by tracking one of his couriers. Information was collected from Guantánamo Bay detainees, who gave intelligence officers the courier’s pseudonym as Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti, and said that he was a protégé of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Is Zero Dark Thirty based on a true story?

For the uninitiated, Zero Dark Thirty is a fictionalised account of the decade-long hunt for former Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden was shot to death during the much-talked-about night raid of his compound in Pakistan on May 2, 2011.

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Who found bin Laden Maya?

In January 2014, the Washington Post named her and tied her to a pre-9/11 intelligence failure and the extraordinary rendition of Khalid El-Masri.

Alfreda Frances Bikowsky
Occupation Intelligence officer

Is Bin Laden CIA?

According to some CIA officers, beginning in early 1980, bin Laden acted as a liaison between the General Intelligence Presidency (GIP) and Afghan warlords, but no evidence of contact between the CIA and Bin Laden exists in the CIA archives.

Is Isis still active in the Middle East 2020?

Tactical Successes Against Terrorist Movements Do Not Defeat Terrorism. ISIS is no exception. It is still active in Syria, Iran, and other countries.

What religion is alqaeda?

Even though its immediate objectives are political rather than religious, al-Qaeda is a distinctively Islamic group.

Is Isis and al-Qaeda the same?

Al – Qaeda in Iraq (became the Islamic State of Iraq, which later seceded from al – Qaeda and became ISIL) Al – Qaeda in the Lands Beyond the Sahel (inactive since 2015)

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