Quick Answer: Creation Museum Kentucky?

How far is it from the Ark Encounter to the creation museum?

The Ark Encounter is 43 miles south of the Creation Museum.

Can you do the Ark Encounter and creation museum in one day?

Yes, you can visit both in one day ( we did ). But I don’t recommend doing so. We could have spent much more time enjoying the ark but had bought the ark and museum ticket combo and felt rushed to the ark and drive 45 minutes to the museum.

How long does it take to go through the Creation Museum in Kentucky?

To go through the creation museum, takes about 2 hours minimum.

How much are tickets to the Creation Museum?

Creation Museum Tickets

Adult (ages 18–59) $39.95
Senior (ages 60+) $34.95
Youth (ages 11–17) $24.95
Children (ages 5-10) FREE
4 and under FREE
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How long does it take to walk through the Ark Encounter?

The ark is almost two football fields long and has three decks of exploration – not including attractions surrounding the museum. Expect to take at least three to four hours to get through the ark’s exhibits.

How far is the ark from Nashville?

The distance between Nashville and Ark Encounter is 209 miles.

Can you buy Ark Encounter tickets at the gate?

Yes, you can purchase tickets at the Encounter prior to boarding the shuttle that takes you to the Ark AND as of at least July 2019, only if you buy a Combo package or higher do you obtain free parking at the Ark. Parking is always free at the Creation Museum.

Can you bring food into the Ark Encounter?

Yes you can bring in food. If you read the ark encounter rules, they prohibit outside food.

Is Ark Encounter open?

Ark Encounter is operated by Answers in Genesis (AiG), a young Earth creationist (YEC) organization that also operates the Creation Museum 45 miles (70 km) away in Petersburg, Kentucky. Ark Encounter.

Noah’s Ark at Ark Encounter (2016)
Operated by Answers in Genesis
Opened July 7, 2016
Operating season Year-round

What else is there to do near the Ark Encounter?

Things to Do near Ark Encounter

  • Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventures. #2 of 6 things to do in Williamstown.
  • Frank Webb Memorial Park. #5 of 6 things to do in Williamstown.
  • William Arnold Log House. #4 of 6 things to do in Williamstown.
  • The Banjo Cellar.
  • Stage Right Theatre Company.
  • Bluegrass Artistry Barn.
  • Serendipity On Broadway.
  • Family Fun Park – Zip Putt Play.
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Are masks required at the Creation Museum?

Both the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter encourage guests not to visit if they are sick. They also encourage visitors to wear masks if able and to make use of sanitizer. If needed, a designated employee may remind a guest of state health guidelines, according to the preparedness report.

How far is the Ark Encounter from Lexington Kentucky?

The distance between Lexington and Ark Encounter is 44 miles.

How much are Noah’s Ark tickets at the gate?

General Admission Original Price $39. SALE Price $34.

Is the creation museum worth it?

We really enjoyed this museum. We had heard it was nice, but didn’t expect it to be THIS nice! It made the creation of the world really come to life and make a lot of sense. Would definitely recommend this museum.

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