Often asked: Where Is The Musical Instrument Museum?

Is the musical instrument museum open?

Open Daily 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

How much is the MIM?

How much does museum admission cost? General museum admission is $20 for adults, $15 for teens, and $10 for children. Special exhibition and concert tickets are sold separately.

Is MIM better than MBA?

The key difference is that while both courses cover a range of business topics and general business principles, the MBA is usually designed for people with a few years of work experience. The MiM is more of a career kickstart for those with little or no work experience, fresh out of their undergraduate degrees.

Is MiM a good option?

The MiM degree is seen as a way to kick-start a business career. Grads often take entry-level positions while MBAs, who tend to have more experience beforehand, are usually recruited into mid-level positions. Either way, companies are excited to hire talented candidates from the pool of MiM and MBA graduates.

Which country is best for MiM?

Check out the list of top countries offering MIM programs.

  • Masters in Management in France. France is among the top study destinations for international students.
  • Masters in Management in Germany.
  • Masters in Management in Europe.
  • HEC Paris.
  • London Business School.
  • ESSEC, France.
  • ESADE, Spain.
  • Imperial College London.
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Is GMAT necessary for MiM?

What is the Eligibility and Requirement for MiM? Unlike MBA, MiM doesn’t need its applicants to have work experience with substantial accomplishments to show for, professionally. Like MBA though, it does require GMAT /GRE or other standardized tests to evaluate applicants on a common baseline.

Is Canada good for MiM?

And why not? Canada, with its liberal visa policies and openness to international students, is a great place to study for an MiM. Fortunately, these cities and others across the country also offer decent job opportunities that international students can pursue after their MiM degree.

Should I do MBA after MIM?

There is absolutely no need to pursue the MBA now that you have a Masters in Management. They are very similar. The MBA would have given you a more broad exposure to all aspects of a business. This might include Finance, Marketing, Logistics, Production, etc.

Is MiM free in Germany?

For pursuing higher education, German public institutions do not charge tuition fees. However, some universities may require you to submit a semester fee ranging between 300-3500 USD. Pursuing a master’s in management ( MIM ) in some of the top institutions in Germany will cost you around 144-18,000 USD/year.

What to do after MIM?

After gaining experience, MIM graduates can work as HR Manager, Training Manager, General Operation Manager, Sales Manager or Business Development Manager. Also, after gaining significant work experience, they can also work in higher management roles.

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