FAQ: Where Is The Hot Wheels Museum?

Can you tour the Hot Wheels factory?

Spend a day with the Hot Wheels design team and get a behind the scenes tour of the design studio. This experience is NEVER open to the public and is truly a one -of-a-kind, VIP experience! See how Hot Wheels die cast cars are made, from concept to 3D model to factory to store.

Is there a Hot Wheels theme park?

Beto Carrero World (BCW) is South America’s most successful theme park. Kevin and Team have collaborated with BCW to more than double their attendance. Working with MATTEL, we brought the world’s #1 toy, Hot Wheels, into the park, featuring retail, restaurant, and car stunt show infusions.

How do I know if my Hot Wheels are rare?

Look for the “TH” symbol, Real Rider wheels, and Spectraflame paint. The card may have something written behind the vehicle to reveal that it is a Treasure Hunt or may have nothing at all.

What is the most valuable Hot Wheel?

The Most Expensive Hot Wheels Cars and Trucks Ever Made

  • 1968 “Cheetah” base Python.
  • 1974 Blue Rodger Dodger.
  • 1970 Ed Shaver Custom AMX.
  • 6. 1995 Collector Number 271 Funny Car.
  • 1970 Red Baron (white interior) Reddit / billsmitherson.
  • 1971 Purple Olds 442. Ebay / 84check.
  • 1968 Pink Beatnik Bandit. Ebay / flipnj.
  • 1968 Volkswagen Custom (no sunroof) Ebay / suoth_suoth_2.
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Is it worth collecting Hot Wheels?

While they’re only toys, the little cars can be worth thousands. If you’re even a bit of a car enthusiast there’s a good chance you have in your possession some Hot Wheels or other toy vehicles. Some people are always on the hunt for Hot Wheels and other toy cars they believe will one day be wise investments.

How much does it cost to join the Hot Wheels Redline Club?

The Hot Wheels ® Red Line Club ® ( RLC ) is an annual premium membership for members of HotWheelsCollectors.com (HWC). For a membership fee of USD $9.99, Club members enjoy valuable advantages plus features of the website not available without Club membership.

How much is a 1969 Hot Wheels car worth?

A pink 1969 rear-loading VW Microbus Beach Bomb would fetch $100,000 to $150,000 from collectors, according to Neal Giordano, founder of the North Carolina Hot Wheels Association, and author of books and price guides on die-cast cars.

Why are hot wheels so expensive?

Hotwheels are expensive because of their build quality, Hotwheels are not like any other toy car they are not only made with cheap plastic some cars are made with hard fiber or metal. The first Japanese import vehicle to be cast as a Hot Wheels car, the Datsun Z-car-inspired Z-Whiz was issued in 1977.

What is the oldest hot wheel?

The first line of Hot Wheels Cars, known as The Original Sweet 16 was manufactured in 1968. These were the first of the Red Line Series, named for the tires which had a red pin stripe on their sides.

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