About Us

National Museum of Science & Technology  (NMST.)  is one of the most visited places by the local and out of city school & college students. This Science & Technology Museum was founded in 1965 by the Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Education in order to create science consciousness in the students and general public alike.
The Museum started its public role in 1976 with only one gallery, now NMST. has  four large galleries measuring 11,000 sq. Ft. each. This Museum holds more then 500 permanent exhibits including South Asia largest Focault’s  pendulum.
In the wake of 18th amendment in 2011, NMST. has been devolved to School Education Department Government of the Punjab.
 The aims and objectives of the museum are as under:
  • To create scientifically educated citizenry in the country.
  • To promote in the public mind, an interest for science and  technology and develop a scientific attitude in the masses.
  • To arouse in the students, an interest for the study of science and technology.
  • To help people appreciate the contribution of science, technology and the work of scientists for human welfare and civilization.
  • To supplement the teaching of science in schools and colleges.