Our Mission

is to aware the public about science and technology, and to encourage people to think about how humankind and science and technology should best relate to each other. The Museum fulfills this mission in two ways. First, we elucidate the history of life and the history of science and technology through our exhibits. Second, we conduct annual science fair, workshop programs, seminars aimed at raising interest in and awareness of science and technology among general public.

Dear Visitors,
We hope all of you are staying safe and taking all precautionary measures as we all fight the battle against the COVID-19 crisis. By staying indoors, practicing good personal hygiene and maintaining social distancing, we can all play a role in flattening the curve.
Cities across the globe are coming to a grinding halt and entering lockdowns to control the spread. Given the current situation, Museum is closed until government's further order.
We will be keeping you updated with any changes as more information becomes available.
National Museum of Science and Technology, Lahore.